Lesson Plan

This assignment was written for eleventh and twelfth graders, who generated some of the videos in the repository.

Pick a tool or skill that you're not that familiar with, master it, and storyboard, shoot and edit a how-to video for the MAQR archive. MAQR generates QR codes that we can stick directly onto the tool that your video is about.

This is really an exercise in distilling information and presenting it clearly. It's not easy- expect to have to reshoot, reformulate, rethink. Try to imagine you've never seen the tool before, and try to imagine and answer the questions you would have. What's the tool for? What materials is it made to work with? What can go wrong? What safety precautions should you follow?

Video guidelines:

  • Target device is a phone. This means close shots, narrow angles.
  • No sound, these videos are for use in noisy spaces. Use subtitles. Make them as readable as possible - short and to the point, and pick a color that contrasts with the background.
  • No faces. These videos aren't about you, they're about tools and skills. They are the stars.
  • Max length 3 minutes.