About MAQR

What if tools had QR codes on them that opened short how-to videos on how to use the tool? Curious students could try learning how to solder, or sew on a button, or operate a centrifuge on their own, freeing the teacher to focus on students' ideas rather than skills.


MAQR is a free, searchable archive of QR-coded how-to videos for makerspaces, classrooms, laboratories, etc. Anyone can register and submit. If it catches on we could soon have an extensive collection of QR codes to put around our spaces. A side benefit is that making the videos is a great assignment for students. It's one way to really learn a skill and an information-organizing challenge to boot.


MAQR doesn't store video - it just organizes and generates QR codes for videos you put up on youtube, vimeo, or dailymotion. You can assign tags to your videos to help others find them.


MAQR is a work in progress - I expect I'll be adding a rating system so the best-liked videos float to the top. If needed I'll add master categories - science, art, music, etc. Suggestions and especially submissions are welcome.


Josh Merrow
Riverdale Country School